Why Progress Pictures Are Important

Hey there ladies, today we are going to chat about why you should take pictures of yourself naked. I’m not asking you to go Kim K on me, but there is good reason why you should toss on your birthday suit and strike a pose. And here’s why.

The Scale is a Piece of Shit

Weighing in regularly is good for many reasons when tracking weight loss. But how many times have you been working on your fitness, stepped on the scale and was let down, discouraged, pissed, wanted to punch a gallon of ice cream with your mouth? That’s a pretty awesome way to cease your progress if you ask me. Drink a beer? Eat some carbs? Have some salt? Have to pee? Getting the monthly? These are all reasons the scale can bump up some lbs in a single DAY.  You need a more accurate measurement.

Fat Loss Vs. Pound Loss

Question 1: Which weighs more, fat or muscle? Ask this to a few smart friends and 2 out of 3 will answer muscle.

Question 2:  Which weighs more, a 5lb bag of rocks or a 5lb bag of cotton balls?

Well that’s dumb right….they obviously weigh the same? So the real question is, which takes up more space?? Well, hopefully if you passed kindergarten, you guessed 5lbs of cotton balls will take up a lot more space than 5lbs of rocks. Gold sticker for you.

So when thinking about fat and muscle and which weighs more, one pound of muscle= one pound of fat right? One just takes up more space than the other. Can you guess which one takes up more space??? Yup yup, its fat.muscle

When people are working out and see the scale go up they associate it with “putting on muscle”. OK well that’s all well and good, and certainly the goal. But you’re not the hulk. Are you going down in size is the question?

So with that in mind, let’s get back to the point of this article. Nude pics.

Proof is in the Progress Pic

When we meet with our Nutrition Clients, we perform measurements and weigh-ins. We also have them track their progress via pictures (they don’t have to be nude.)  Reason being, you will see more than the scale tells. Our Nutrition Plans are geared toward changing body composition. Simply put, we want to make sure the weight you are losing, is fat. And solely fat. How do we do this? With fairy dust and sparkles obviously.

Example A: Below is one of our present clients Krysten. The pictures mark her start and 8 weeks after. Its hard to believe Krysten lost a WHOLE 5.6lbs in 8 weeks. Think about that. How would you feel if you worked your little heinie off and lost a measly five point 6 frickin pounds in 8 weeks. Not even a pound a WEEK! Pretty sucky right? Make you give up and grab that pint of Ben and Jerry’s? I know I would. But luckily, Krysten took her pictures like a good girl.PhotoGrid_1441372935623

Scientific Analysis: We don’t measure heads but you can bet your first born she dropped some weight in the face. And her waist, down 3.75 inches. That’s almost 4 inches in 8 week! That’s like, a lot. This is were Krysten’s fat likes to reside. You know what that tells us? That measly 5.6 pounds was a solid 5.6 pounds of FAT.  Which deserves a special dance.The-Carlton

So the question is, are you targeting the right pounds? Do you want some of our fairy dust?

Thank you Krysten for letting us share your pics! Keep up the good work, we look forward to seeing your progress!


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