25 Healthy Snacks That Aren’t Boring

Are you bored with your same old snacks? Or maybe they don’t fully satisfy you, so you find yourself back in the kitchen just 20 minutes later? It happens to the best of us! If you’re looking for new ideas for healthy snacks that fill you up too, look no further. These snacks are anything but boring!

#1: Avocado toast – here are 15 delicious ideas!


#2: Vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt mixed with canned pumpkin and cinnamon

#3: Tasting plate – I mix these up, but they usually include guacamole or hummus with raw veggies, rice crackers, or almonds.


#4: Baked pear with honey (slice pear in half, bake for 30 minutes on 375*F, top with honey, walnuts and/or almond butter)

#5: A Larabar microwaved for 15-20 seconds and eaten with a spoon just like dessert

#6: A rice crack with nut butter, jam, apple butter, pumpkin butter, canned pumpkin, Laughing Cow cheese, guacamole, or some combination of these spread-ables


#7: Speaking of rice cakes, pizza rice cakes are also delicious!

#8: Pick-Me-Up Smoothie


#9: Craving chocolate? This Chocolate “Grape” Shake is the bomb.

#10: Sliced apple with a thick piece of cheddar cheese eaten together

#11: Make-your-own cereal trail mix


#12: Cottage cheese with fresh fruit and cereal

#13: No-Bake Pumpkin Protein Bars


#14: Sweet potato wedges with ketchup or melted almond butter drizzled on top

#15: Salt & vinegar roasted chickpeas

#16: Paleo Morning Glory Muffins


#17: Turkey (or ham) and cheese rolls-ups


#18: Canned chicken (Trader Joe’s sells a good one) or tuna mixed with relish and/or avocado (I like eating it with rice crackers or celery sticks)

#19: Feta-Walnut Stuffed Cucumbers

#20: Yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and cereal


#21: Sliced apple (or pear) with melted nut butter for dipping

#22: Hard-boiled egg with hot sauce, salt, and pepper

#23: Sliced banana with nut butter, raisins, nuts, honey, cinnamon and/or shredded coconut


#24: Packet of instant oatmeal with a tablespoon of chocolate or vanilla protein powder

#25: Open-face egg sandwich made with Laughing Cow cheese

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