Tips and Tricks for Healthy Holiday Drinking

With the holidays upon us, we’re all anticipating plenty of merriment and temptation in the form of delicious food and drink. At KFIT, we’re all about maintaining this season, so it’s okay to enjoy ourselves, but we don’t want to get wrapped up in the festive atmosphere and overdo it either, especially when it comes to drinking. So when the alcohol is flowing, here are some little tricks to help us practice moderation while also having a blast celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year!


Pick a number

If your holiday party starts at 7:00 PM, there are quite a few hours ahead of you before it’s over, which means you need to pace yourself with the drinks. Personally, I know once I have a couple of drinks in me, I find it difficult to turn down a third or fourth or fifth, so before the night even starts, I determine how many cocktails I will have and stick to that number. That way, I don’t get wrapped up in the fun of the evening and wake up with a hangover the next morning!

Choose whatever you sip the slowest

While I enjoy the occasional cocktail or beer, my go-to drink is white wine because I know I’ll savor and sip it slowly. There’s just something about holding a wine glass that makes me slow down. (A red plastic cup is a totally different story though!) If I choose whatever alcohol takes me the longest to drink, I wind up saving calories in the long run. Otherwise, I find myself chugging down drinks!

Ask for extra ice

I like my cocktails with extra ice, since the melting cubes will dilute the drink. This creates more liquid, so I can sip longer without increasing my calorie intake. Sometimes it takes me so long to finish a drink, I won’t bother with a refill, which saves me calories in the long run.

Swap in some “mocktails”

Alcohol calories can definitely add up quickly, so between rounds, I sometimes swap in glasses of water. This tactic works great, but it’s not always fun, so I switch things up with “mocktails,” non-alcoholic, diet-friendly beverages that look (and sometimes taste) like cocktails, but without the booze. One of my favorites is seltzer with a splash of pineapple or cranberry juice, and if I add a wedge of lime and a tiny straw, it looks and feels just like a cocktail, but without all the booze and calories!

Lose the straw

Last holiday season, I noticed that I chugged down cocktails when I used a straw. It wasn’t until I was served a drink without a straw that I realized just how much slower I sipped it. Now, any time I order a cocktail, I make sure to leave the straw behind.

Move yourself away from the snacks

Once I’ve had a few drinks, I’m immediately drawn to snack foods. If they are nearby, I’ll continue to munch away mindlessly, so I move myself away from the snack table so I’m not tempted. It’s one thing if I’m hungry, but it’s another thing if I’m buzzed off booze!

Plan a Saturday/Sunday morning workout with a friend (or two)

Planning an early morning workout with friends is a great way to prevent yourself from overdoing it on the booze. Set a time and place and stick to it! You don’t want to let your friends down, which will make you think twice about enjoying too many cocktails. Plus, knowing that you’ll burn some extra calories in the morning will probably make you enjoy your splurges that much more!


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