More Tips (To Keep the Scale From Tipping)

Well hello and happy December!

By now you know we plan on keeping the scale at a stand still this Holiday Season. So listen up and put these brilliant tips to use!

Event Calendar Tracking20151203_145116-2










No, I don’t mean the old advent calendar that has chocolate dating back to 1902 in it.  I mean like party planner event calendar.  I personally am using this (somewhat silly) effective trick to keep my party-o-meter in check.  Basically what I did was print out a calendar and filled it with all my festive fun parties planned for  December.  As you know, we often talk about the importance of consistency and this little visual helps me see where I can be just that. Consistent. My goal is to focus on the days in between my events (you know, like the twenty five days), and keep them in check food wise. Good, clean eating for all those days! Also, on the days I have a night time event, I will still aim to keep the daytime good. So it’s not a 3 meal wash. I award myself with a creative smiley face when each day passes. Knowing you have a weekend full of fun can often throw off the whole week. This really helps you stay focused on what good you can do vs. what bad you will do at each function.


Sweet Nix Tea Fix

Add in all these frosted Santa and chocolate dipped reindeer events, and we turn into sweet seeking zombies.








Ever notice the more sweets you eat, the more you crave? One way you can curb those cravings is by sipping on some hot tea. It may sounds lame, but there are some really tasty flavors available right now!  Everything from pumpkin spice to candy cane! And often the aroma alone helps to trick that little brain into believing you just ate a cinnamon roll.  If that doesn’t seem like enough, try pairing heated apples and PB, ginger snaps or (my favorite) a VitaTop with it!






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