Pep Talk: Newbs to Veterans.

Hey ladies! Twenty sixteen is right around the corner. YIKES! We are just about ready to force you to set some goals and make it your best year yet! But first, a pep talk.  Newbie to Veteran, were do you fit in and were can you improve?

First and Foremost

Although we have several levels of clients at KFIT, it’s important to note that this is not a hierarchy. No one is ranked above anyone because they “RX” a workout. Every KFIT client has there own personal reasons for showing up every day. Some just want an hour away from their  job/kids/families. Others just need someone to answer to and keep them motivated. And then there are those who want to squat more than the hulk. Our goal is to help each and every client fulfill those personal needs. The RX/RX+ levels need to challenge the strongest girls in the gym. The extremely fit, fast and conditioned athlete. Your goals are typically, to be just that.  Better, fitter, faster, stronger.  You put in the extra time, you work on your weaknesses. You train. But we also have seasoned Veterans who have never done an RX workout. Why? Well you may have noticed we all vary in fitness level and ability.   Therefor L1 just may be your RX.   Even though you are not performing the same weight, you are actually working at the same intensity. That load and intensity level is appropriate for you individually.  Maybe your goals are a bit different. You look to get a good sweat, stay fit, have energy to play with your kiddos,  socialize with your buddies, just exercise. You are happy here….and frankly you think those RX chicks are bat-shit crazy. As Coaches, we will always have higher expectations for you than you do for yourself. We will always aim to keep you from getting complacent in the gym, no matter what level. But our expectations for YOU are custom to YOU. So make sure yours are too.


So….where do I fit in? Good question. Let’s discuss.


Just starting your KFIT journey. You are well know in the KFIT community. We welcome you with open arms. We hold your hand every step of the way, guiding you and directing you like our first born. We want to get to know you. Your motivations, reservations, fears, physical abilities and lack of. This is like a new relationship and we are learning to trust each other. It’s important at this level to let us do the work. Whether you are fit or not. The better we know you, the more effective we can Coach you. Getting to know you takes some time. Your workouts may be a little different, you may feel lost and awkward and need more attention than the rest. This is expected. It’s important to know at this stage, not one single person is casting judgement upon you. We all have been new at one time. For you ladies, you can only go up from here.  And soon, your ass will be kicked out of the nest as you graduate to…..

The Middle Child

As an MC, you’ve graduated from Newbie-ville and although still under our watchful eye, you’re making more decisions on your own. Your reducing modifications, scoring workouts, and it feels good. You opt out of the scaled runs, hit full volume reps, and finish the whole workout. It took 40 minutes to finish that intended 20 minute workout, but damn it you did it.  You can’t walk, sit or stand, but you did it. Good for you. No. At this stage, the communication gates should still be flowing like the cider at Yulefest. Its important to ask AND take our advice on weight percentages, scaled runs and reps. If we generally advise the class on expectations, we don’t expect you to know quite where you stand yet.  We still need to work together to make sure your doing whats appropriate for your level.

On the other end, maybe your hanging on to the Newbie nest with white knuckles. Refusing to let go.  You typically stick with what the other no-longer-newbie is doing because you were newbies together. You opt for every modification and scaled option under the sun, because shit, you don’t want to be last. For you ladies, try take the initiative to do what feels right for YOU, not your neighbor. Maybe drop down a pull up band, or tackle that 400m for just one round.



More than a year, not quite a Veteran. As this part of gym population grows, we’re noticing that you ladies need a little more TLC because it is easy to get complacent. Your comfort zone lies somewhere between L1 and L2 on the board.  When it comes to strength, you’re nervous to go just a little heavier, because you’ve never done it before.  Or maybe you think, “I can do it but it will take me longer.”   Take longer, get stronger and next time it will be faster!  If your stuck in a rut, there is good reason. Progress does not happen with complacency. Our workouts vary in intensity and load for good reason! If you give 50% when 100% is intended, your body will accommodate. If you don’t follow the intentions of a workout (slow/heavy, fast/light) you will not improve. If your goal is to maintain, then that is OK. If you wish to progress in any aspect, you need to ride that edge of discomfort at times.

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Our ride or die girls. You’ve been with us the longest. KFIT is a part of your routine and your happy place. You’ve done every challenge, every road race and attended every recipe swap. Your love for KFIT never waivers but your motivation occasionally nose dives. You come in guns blazing with motivation and fizzle out time and time again.  You look at those newbies crushing it and you think, WTF! Why is it so easy for them? Funny things is, when you are fit (which you are), it’s harder to stay fit!  KFIT has become your bodies routine. If you stop, you will 100% go backwards, if you “show up” you will hopefully maintain. To progress, you actually need to work harder than anyone else. Progressive overload is imperative.  And you thought it got easier.

Veterans tend to have big dreams and wishes but sometimes lack the follow through. You want a silver platter handed to you loaded with unassisted pull ups and size 4 jeans. But you don’t put the time in required to get there.  You are the most concerned with how others are progressing around you. You often compare yourselves, doubt yourselves, beat yourselves up for doing “bad”. You think, I’ve been coming this long, I  should be better.

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A few suggestions for you ladies. Understand want and wish does not execute and accomplish. Where do you want to improve? How bad do you want it?  If it is under 90%, set a new goal or cut that goal in half. Every single accomplishment requires commitment. Think about one-two things you want more than anything else. Start there. What do you need to get there?  Make a realistic plan. We’ve found that our Veterans often need the most help from our Coaches.  Your burnt out, you need motivation or extra help reaching an advanced fitness goal. Get help setting up a plan! Our private training and programming is comprised almost fully of Veterans because of that! Make this new year about achieving that goal you have set time and time again, and let us help you get there!

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We are looking forward to a great year of great accomplishments from all of you. When it comes to setting your 2016 goals, all we are asking is that you believe in yourself just a little more than you ever have before.  We already know you have it in you. Now it’s your turn.






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