Open Gym Tips and Tasks

Hi ladies! We are super excited to see Open Gym has been bumping the past couple of months! We love seeing you ladies utilizes the hour to get in a little extra work. With it being so busy (and with a lot of newbies too!) we thought it would be a perfect time to give you some OG tips!  Some of you may be saying, “what the heck is OG?” Open Gym is a class schedule every Sunday (unless otherwise noted) for an hour and half.  It’s included in most membership packages. So you can attend OG  on top of your regular classes at no additional cost. Which is pretty awesome!

The format is different from a regular class.  There will be a Coach on duty to assist you in whatever you need, but there is no set workout formally taught by a Coach.  “So what am I supposed to do while I’m there?” Well good question! There are lots of options you can take advantage of in OG. Which we will chat about now. Coming in with a plan of action makes all the difference. Here are some ideas for your Open Gym hour.

Add an Extra Workout

If you’re looking to get in a workout during OG, you can choose any from the week on the board or ask a Coach to share a past workout. If you are a 5day-a-weeker, we don’t typically recommend adding in an extra workout. You work hard during those days and it’s important to incorporate active rest days. The best bet for you ladies is some skill, steady state cardio or recovery/mobility work. More on that now.

Work Your Weaknesses

Skill work is what OG is all about. Want to get better at pull-ups, link some dubs or perfect your clean?  OG is great for working on these!  We all have a good sense of what we want to improve on.  We recommend focusing on 1-2 movements in the hour, and stick to them for a few weeks. The additional time spent will go a long way.  If you are not sure what it takes to get you to your goal,  we strongly recommend getting on a Personalized Program! Just like nutrition, sometimes we need a little extra help with a plan of action. Why not schedule a consult to chat about your goals? Whether it’s getting that first pull up, working on your squat form, or improving that hip mobility, everyone’s goals are different! We will write you a 4 week progressive program to work on in Open Gym that will help you reach your goals.

Cardio Queens

Just looking for a cardio/endurance addition to your workout routine, we have rowers, bikes and various mapped out running distance to satisfy those needs. Putting in a long steady pace endurance workout (zzzzzzzz) is a good option for Sunday OG.

Mobility City

Mobility is also something that is great to spend time working on at OG. Maybe you’re sore from the week.  Maybe you want to work on that posture.  Whatever it is, mobility is essential! So many of us have poor overhead mobility, tight hips and ankles to name a few. This affects your movement in the workouts in a major way. Adding a good 20 minutes of mobility  to your weekly routine will improve movement significantly, assist in recover and reduce risk of injury! Let us know what areas you would like to work on (we could probably tell you)  and we will create a routine to get you moving better.

Still not sold, well check out this blog we just published on all of last year’s achievements.  So many of them came about because girls were putting in the extra time working on them during Open Gym.


Open Gym (“OG”) is such a great addition to the KFIT schedule.  And you may see some “pop up” OG hours more and more. If you’re not already taking advantage of it what are you waiting for!!


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