What to Expect (at KFIT) When You’re Expecting

If you look around KFIT, you’ll see all sorts of pregnant women working out and sweating along side of you. What was once seen as something to avoid during pregnancy, staying active is now much more commonplace and embraced since it makes for a healthy mom and baby!

Since we have so many preggos among us, we thought it might be helpful to talk about what to expect during your pregnancy while exercising at KFIT. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to chat with one of your coaches. They’re there to help and want you to have a healthy and fit pregnancy!


What to expect at KFIT when you’re expecting:

Sucking wind: You’re breathing for two now! You have more blood in your body that needs to be oxygenated, so you might find yourself huffing and puffing during exercises that wouldn’t normally feel so exhausting. It’s okay. It gets better… sort of. You’ll get used to having a lesser cardio capacity and you’ll naturally slow down as your belly begins to grow. It’s a good thing Kerrie programs plenty of rest intervals because those will become your new best friend. Speaking of rest…

More rest breaks: It’s totally okay to stop mid-workout (or even during the warm-up) to rest. Your body (and baby) is telling you something if it feels especially exhausted, so don’t hesitate to take a break if you need it. Once you feel okay, start up once again. It’s all part of listening to your body.

Listening to your body: It’s totally okay to do many of the same exercises you did before you were pregnant, but be sure to listen to your body. If something feels weird, stop. This is especially important with regard to your ligaments (in your knees, hips, etc.) since they become looser and looser as your pregnancy progresses. Let your coach know if something feels uncomfortable and she will give you a modification. There’s a modification for just about every exercise we do at KFIT, so don’t worry about needing a different option, which brings us to…

Modifications: As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll likely need a number of modifications to safely complete the workouts. Some favorites: Knees raises instead of sit-ups, step-ups instead of box jumps, squat thrusts or wall push-ups instead of Burpees… the list goes on and on and you’ll get quite familiar with a lot of these exercises during your pregnancy.

Maintaining: Sure, you want to stay active during your pregnancy, but there’s no need to go balls to the wall in a workout. You’re not trying to make gains right now, but, instead, your goal is to maintain your fitness. And, ultimately, when you birth your little bambino, you won’t be starting from square one.

Lots of Kegals: Kidding. Sort of. But, seriously, if you want to survive double-unders post-pregnancy without peeing your pants, start your Kegals NOW.

~The KFIT Team


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