2016 Crossfit Open Recap

The 2016 Crossfit Open is in the books for the KFIT family. What an amazing, mentally and physically grueling, emotional, and supportive experience it was! So many tears. So many donuts. So many awesome accomplishments. We could not be more proud of every single member that competed this year and we hope to see even more in the coming years!

For those of you that don’t already know, every Thursday the CF Open workout would be announced and each person had to complete the workout by Sunday. At KFIT, we competed on Friday night or Sunday morning for five weeks straight. The reality is that these are just workouts and we were just competing for “fun”. The workouts are comprised of moves we’ve done countless times before in regular workouts. The difference is they’re programmed in a way that pushes you to your mental and sometimes physical limits and there are set standards for each and every move.

Week 1 – Here we go!

Oh man, week 1 of the CF Open was filled with nerves and emotional highs and lows. Thursday night rolls around and we learn that we’re doing a MARATHON for the first workout. 20 minutes straight of weighted walking lunges, over-the-bar facing burpees, and jumping pull-ups. It was tough… like really tough. Knee to ground every lunge, both feet come off the ground at the same time for the burpees, chin over the bar for the pull-ups, for 20 MINUTES! Being that this was the first workout of the open and the first open workout for the majority of the ladies that competed, there were a lot of nerves surrounding this first workout. In the end, people that didn’t think they could get their knee to the ground every lunge did it rep after rep; people that didn’t think they could possibly jump over the bar with both feet at the same time surprised themselves time and again. It was a great kick start to the next five weeks.


Week 2 – We’re going heavy!

This week was really great for so many people! The workout included squat cleans… heavy squat cleans. While this is a move that we’re familiar with at KFIT, a lot of us had not attempted to go as heavy as this workout required prior to this workout. It was awesome to see so many people push their limits and crush heavier squat cleans than they’ve ever done before.

Week 3- Halfway there!

We now have a couple weeks under our belts, but lets be honest, the nerves don’t really fade. This week required us to do snatches and jumping chest to bars. We had to do jumping pull-ups in week 1; well, jumping chest to bar is like this move on steroids. It was really incredibly challenging for the whole group. In some ways, it was frustrating for those who could not get their chests to the bar, but others had already seen some improvement since the first week. Girls that couldn’t get their chins over the bar in week 1 were able to do it during this workout. Progress is the name of the game.



Week 4- So. Much. Rowing.

As we approached the second to last workout in the open, we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That was until we had to power through 55 deadlifts, 55 wall balls, 55 CALORIES row, and 55 push-ups. Holy moly… have you every rowed for 5 minutes straight? It is just as tough as it sounds! This was one of those workouts that challenged each person mentally. I can tell you with certainty that if it wasn’t the deadlifts, the wall balls pushed you past your limits. And if it wasn’t the wall balls, the row made you want to quit. It was a workout that we were happy to finish!


Week 5- WE MADE IT!

The final week was the BEST week. I mean, it was the worst and the best! It was the worst because there were SO. MANY. THRUSTERS and BURPEES. Ughhh… it was brutal. But it was the BEST because every single person pushed themselves during this workout. And pretty much the entire gym was brought to tears watching Vicki AND Jill finish this workout! The energy during this last workout was infectious and we all rallied around each other to give each other that final push we needed to put 2016 behind us.


We honestly cannot fully capture the experience in a blog post, but we can say that we are so incredibly proud of every person that decided to sign up this year. The majority of you didn’t even know what you were getting yourselves into. At the end of the five weeks, we all realized that while there may be areas we could improve upon (always), we are WAY stronger than we give ourselves credit for, physically and mentally.

With ALL your hard work and effort, it was really impossible to pick a top performer for the Open. All of your performances amazed us for so many different reasons. We saw Jill  power through week 5, refusing to give up on herself.  We watched Vicki accomplish so many firsts. We saw Kelley C come out of nowhere with her strength game! Coco, Sarah and Kathleen took fit pregnancy to a whole new level. Coach Em swept the board with consistency being the only one to place in the top 5 every week. Our strong girls Lisa, Julie and Kell B crushed those heavy cleans in week 2.  Overall, everyone had weeks they surprised themselves. Everyone gave it 100%. Everyone finished stronger than when they started.

The absolute best part of the five weeks was the comradery within the gym. We supported each other when we needed it the most and it really brought everyone closer together. We would love, Love, LOVE to see this energy carry over into the gym. Whether you’re the first or last to finish a workout, the support of others always helps to give us that extra push. We challenge each KFitter to rally around each other during those tough workouts, especially if you see someone struggling with those final reps. Give them a hi-five, finish those last couple reps with them, let them know that they’re doing awesome! You’ll appreciate it when you’re on the receiving end of that support!


Until 2017, Dave Castro…


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