Kate’s Marathon Recap

Hello hello! Since all of you wonderful, generous, kind, fantastic, supportive ladies helped contribute to my sister, Kate’s marathon efforts I feel it is necessary to give you all a recap.  SHE FINISHED!!   She not only finished, she made it in 4:09 minutes and she looked pretty damn good when we saw her at mile 24-25 ish.   It was pretty freaking awesome and definitely a very proud moment for my family.   The marathon signified so much more than just the great accomplishment of running for 4 plus hours, it was a way for Kate to have the ability and chance to do something to give back. We can never  fully express the amount of gratitude for BCH and all that they do for families near and far.   ELla’s donor and donor family was on my mind all day and I can guarantee it was a driving force of motivation for Kate as she pounded out 26.2 miles especially as we are coming up on Ella’s one year with her new heart!💜 Let’s just say there was a lot of tears that day!




Kate ran with the Miles for Miracles team for Boston Children’s Hospital and they collectively raised over 1.8 million dollars!! Omg!!  So thank you all once again for your support during Heart Month and your generous donations to make Kate’s first marathon a very successful one.   If anyone is interested in running a marathon in the future, my sister would for sure share her training regimen and tips.  She had lots of great help making it all possible.  Special shout out to our KFITTER, Chelsie who also ran for her fifth year and at incredible speed!  Congrats to all the runners!!





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