Run with a view

Running is fun right!? That might be a stretch but running does make me feel good when I incorporate it into my regular KFIT schedule.  I don’t necessarily go for long distance, I find adding running in any increment helps my overall performance in the gym. If you’re someone who never runs or you’re struggling with WO’s that have lots of running I definitely recommend working on some sprints or some intervals if you can carve out some time.  I personally think it really helps!   Start off slow and every time you go out for a run try and add just a tiny bit more time.  Eventually you will be running 400’s no problem:)

We are so lucky to live around so many beautiful places to hit the pavement! Some of my favorites are close to home and so pretty! Webb Park is a short ish run but stunning views all around, easy parking and definitely a places I feel safe going alone.  I also love Great Esker which is actually right behind my house, great place to walk your dog with a friend. It is just on the other side of Bare Cove, another great place to run with your pup or go for a walk.  Worlds End is so so pretty and just a town away in Hingham. You could legit run for hours there. One of the best things about living in Weymouth is just being surrounded by water everywhere!  Running doesn’t have to be so painful and boring, put on some good tunes and maybe drive to one of these spots and see for yourself if you haven’t already been!  Where are your favorite places to go for a run?  #happyhiking




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