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Run with a view

Running is fun right!? That might be a stretch but running does make me feel good when I incorporate it into my regular KFIT schedule.  I don’t necessarily go for long distance, I find adding running in any increment helps … Continue reading

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Basic (But not Bland) Salad

Hello all!  I want to share my easy go to salad with you, it’s nothing fancy shcmancy but it is damn good and does not require 7,000 ingredients. I, like a lot of you I assume, make things for dinner … Continue reading

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Kate’s Marathon Recap

Hello hello! Since all of you wonderful, generous, kind, fantastic, supportive ladies helped contribute to my sister, Kate’s marathon efforts I feel it is necessary to give you all a recap.  SHE FINISHED!!   She not only finished, she made … Continue reading

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6 Recipes for a Healthier Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo doesn’t exactly have a healthy reputation, especially when a lot of Mexican cuisine is typically heavy, greasy, and, not surprisingly, high-calorie… cheese, tortilla chips, margaritas, more cheese… you know what we’re talking about. BUT there are lots of healthy versions of your … Continue reading

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2016 Crossfit Open Recap

The 2016 Crossfit Open is in the books for the KFIT family. What an amazing, mentally and physically grueling, emotional, and supportive experience it was! So many tears. So many donuts. So many awesome accomplishments. We could not be more … Continue reading

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Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Mousse

Hey friends! As most of you know, March is National Nutrition month, but did you know it is also National Peanut month??  We thought an especially delicious way to celebrate is with a healthy and easy-to-make dessert. This Peanut Butter Cup … Continue reading

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Em’s Easy Protein Bars

I finally made my own protein bars! Why I did I wait so long?? Oh because I am obsessed with PB minis by Perfect Food conveniently sold at KFIT… But it’s National Nutrition Month so instead of just buying them, … Continue reading

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What to Expect (at KFIT) When You’re Expecting

If you look around KFIT, you’ll see all sorts of pregnant women working out and sweating along side of you. What was once seen as something to avoid during pregnancy, staying active is now much more commonplace and embraced since it … Continue reading

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What’s in My Gym Bag

Hello my favorite ladies! Today we are going to take a tour through my gym bag.  With so many new member and girls getting stronger by the day, I thought you all could benefit from a breakdown of what gear … Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Karina

Hi ladies and happy Monday! Today we have a pretty amazing story for you all.  A story from a person who means the world to us.  A story that could possibly change your life. If you have been KFitting for some time, chances are you … Continue reading

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