Fit Tips

Greetings! Here is a list of things that have helped me create a better relationship with food/exercise. These tools are super helpful if you are just beginning the transition to a healthy lifestyle.  But even reminders are good! I come back to this list time and time again when I get off track. I’m sure this list will continue to grow with my own trials and tribulations!

  • Finding Fun Fitness–  When it comes to starting your fitness venture it is important that you find something you enjoy. OK, maybe enjoy isn’t the word you would use. Let’s say tolerate. Don’t start with something you hate!! Who the heck wants to walk on a treadmill uphill every day of 60 minutes..snoreeee. Whether its yoga, spin, zumba, KFIT;) or a personal trainer. There is something for everyone!
  • Value Your Health- Fitness is often viewed as a luxury. And it’s the first thing cut from expenses when the funds are low. Let me break it to you, it’s the ass that makes the jeans look good, not the jeans that make the ass look good. OK, this is debatable. Some certainly do a better job than others. BUTT:)…..The point I’m making is that people will spend $$ on nails, hair, make up, pocket books, cars, phones, extensions, coffee, dinner, the bar!! But can’t afford a gym???  Your HEALTH should be a priority, not an added bonus. My fitness bill is just like all my other bills; car, rent, insurance, GYM. Everything else comes after that.
  • Eliminate Sugar- I know its common sense, right? But sugar is hidden in sooo many foods we do not even realize how much we are consuming. It’s not only the obvious sweets!  Its sauces, salsa, dressings, crackers, cereals, yogurts…read your labels! Added sugar in any form is a no-no. Beware of sugar-free!  Check for tricky words like, sugar alcohol, aspartame, cane juice, fructose, corn syrup, and sucrose to name a few.  Avoid stocking the cabinets with these items!
  • Nutrition Tricks- Hey its says organic so it must be healthy..right?? Umm not so much. I continue to fall for this trick. Ie. after eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s Greek Yogurt ice cream,  I read the back.  Greek yogurt was an ingredient, along with various other NOT so healthy ingredients. Companies get really crafty by throwing the words whole grain, fiber, or protein on the front. Often it is the 12th ingredient listed. Also, just because a snack is organic, doesn’t mean its healthy. Buying organic is great. A box of organic animal crackers for the kiddos is going to have less chemicals than your regular box, but organic sugar is still sugar so beware of over indulging on these “better for you” products. Also its important to understand the difference b/t organic vs. natural!
  • Measuring Cups, Tablespoons and Mini Tupperware- So what’s the difference between grabbing a spoon vs. an actual TB spoon out of the drawer?? Nothing right? But yet its soooo tedious for people to pre-measure their food. Well, one will keep you from having tons of bum and the other one will not. Measuring your PB, dressings, oils, nuts, granola, yogurt, agave, honey, (need I go on) will slash TONS of calories (hence no tons of bum). Its simple, just put ’em in a nice handy draw, easy to access.  After a while, you will get good at eyeballing appropriate portions. I ALWAYS use mini Tupperware when packing snacks. If you are like me, you know if you bring the whole box to work, you’re eating the whole box. Essential for portion control.
  • Prep Party- It’s pretty well-known that eating healthy requires prep. This is the biggest excuse people use as to why they fall off the healthy eating train. To much work. Womp womp..lame. Make time for it. Shop on Sundays and write out your weekly dinner plan. If you are prepared, its easyyy! Often times people go out and buy a vat of cottage cheese, bag of apples, celery, lettuce and all sorts of healthy stuff, with no plan. Try to keep it simple. This will save money, and keep from wasting food. For instance, for a week, plan on eating the same 1-2 items for breakfast and lunch. If you by 5 breakfast items in a week, chances are you will not get to them all. So say this week you will be having omelets or oatmeal for breakfast. And for lunch you will be doing turkey wraps and dinner left overs.  The following week, choose different options. This way you do not get bored with your meals. As for dinner, switch that up every night. Oh, an don’t be afraid to by frozen! Not as good as the fresh stuff of course, but saves time AND money. So pack the freezer with frozen broccoli, spinach and berries!
  • If You Hate It, Don’t Eat It-  Greek yogurt is good for you, but you despise it! Don’t eat it! You will never sustain this transition if you are forcing yourself to eat foods because they are healthy for you. There are plenty of options out there in the world, I am sure you can find things you actually enjoy. Enjoy as much as a snickers bar?? Maybe not so much in the beginning. But the better you eat the less you crave those items. AND you wont’ get the guilt when you eat a rice cake with peanut butter and a sprinkle of chocolate chips, so in time, you’ll be reaching for that instead. Eating healthy is SO much about finding foods you love, and this will take time and creativity. It is not about salads and grilled chicken anymore. There’s a world of healthy dishes out there! Use Google or Pinterest to look up recipes like healthy cookies, lasagna, pancakes, crunchy snacks, sweet snacks! Whatever you’re in the mood for! People have done the work for  you. Thanks people!
  • Log It- If you eat it, write it down. Every diet under the sun recommends this, there is a reason! It helps! It will keep you accountable for what you are eating,  help you realize where you need help AND if you have to think about it, often you won’t eat it. There are free logs available online. LOG, LOG, LOG!
  • Build Your Spice Population Over Time-  Anytime I am searching for a new recipe, I try to go with one that I have the majority of the baking/cooking ingredients already handy. I’m talking  spices, herbs, flours, oils etc. This way I only need to head out and grab 1-2 items.  Each recipe I’m growing my baking cabinet, which in turn multiplies my baking options. If a dish has 10 spices I do not have I immediately move on… 1) its $$ to buy all those at once! and 2) I do not typically like a lonnnng list of ingredients, I lose interest. Random, but Ocean State Job Lot is a great place to by some of these items!
  • Protein/Fat/Carbs- Try to have a little bit of each w/ every meal including snacks. Think of when you eat and apple or a bag of chips, you are likely hungry 30 minutes later. Those items are all carbohydrates, you need the healthy fat and protein to keep you full longer. It also helps to keep your blood sugar stable.  When deciding on appropriate snacks its important you understand good vs. bad carbs as well as good vs. bad fats.
  • Snacks on Hand- At all times!! Carry some fruit, a Lara Bar, 100 cal pack of almonds, rice cake w/ PB. Have snacks on hand ALWAYS so you do not go hours w/o eating. This keeps the metabolism revved and keeps you from getting hungry, we all know once we cross into the hunger threshold we often lose control of our choices.
  • Kitchen Necessities- Here are some items that will make your life SO much easier!
  1. Mini smoothie maker – I purchased mine at Walmart for $15 bucks!
  2. Mini food processor – So much easier than dragging a monster out of the cabinet every time.
  3. Julienne knife – Can make spaghetti strings out of ANY vegetable!! HELLO AWESOME!
  4. Mini Tupperware!! I heart them. There just so CUTE! Good for nuts, dressings, humus, nut butter, yogurt parfait etc. Portion control staple.
  5. Veggie/fruit chopper/slicer- Pretty self-explanatory:)
  6. Apple Corer- Not super essential but great if you want to cut for dipping!
  7. Black n’ tan maker- Totally no nutritional value but how cool?

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  1. karina says:

    black & tan maker! lol


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