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Stretching, Mobility and Yoga Rant

One of my New Year rezzies is to incorporate more mobility training into my life.  We tend to neglect this area in training and the thing is, it’s as equally important as all the rest. Stretching may not get you skinny but its … Continue reading

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Fancy Pants Chicken

Chicken is kind of the go-to meal when people think of a diet. Plain grilled chicken and steamed veggies all day every day. BOO. That’s incredibly boring. Chicken is a great dish and it is super easy to mix it … Continue reading

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Working Through The Kinks

OK ladies AND gentlemen! I anticipate the next few days will be spent working through the kinks of the challenge. It will take you sometime to adjust to this new way of eating. You will learn what is OK and … Continue reading

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Impromptu Dinner

Last night I planned on cooking a delicious stuffed basil chicken, but Matt had a stressful day at work and insisted we go out for dinner and a drink. Ughhh, fineeeee. I did good on my night out, I had a salad w/ … Continue reading

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The S*#@ is Bananas…..

Bananas get a bad rap because they are super high in sugar. That s*&% IS bananas. Bananas are GREAT for you. Unless you’re trying to get into some crazy sculpted fitness competition  then I see nothing wrong with indulging in some … Continue reading

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Chicken Parm

Yolo! Ok, work in progress. I need to up my presentation a bit but any who, this is a delightful easy dinner for you ladies. Ingredients: chicken breast egg white almond meal grated parm cheese cracked pepper Italian seasonings spaghetti squash low … Continue reading

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