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Cocktail Party

I had quite the boozy weekend…. Ok, not that boozy. But I certainly over indulged. If you’re like me and 90% of the rest of the population, alcohol is definitely one of the hurdles I seem to impale myself on … Continue reading

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Recipe Swap Part 2

Can we just talk about our friend Kristen and how good she looks! Kristen is down 60 (or so) pounds and counting! Catching up to our idol Karina (also her sister). Talking about a motivated family. Hard work paying off, … Continue reading

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Fighting Winter Plague’s

I had a fateful moment when checking out of Target the other day. Someone had left behind the movie Elf on the checkout belt. It was surely a Christmas miracle. So I popped that bad boy right in my pile … Continue reading

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Impromptu Dinner

Last night I planned on cooking a delicious stuffed basil chicken, but Matt had a stressful day at work and insisted we go out for dinner and a drink. Ughhh, fineeeee. I did good on my night out, I had a salad w/ … Continue reading

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Gloomy Hump Day

OK, so the weather has been a bit gloomy here for the past few days. It’s amazing how the weather can really control your mood sometimes. Three days of gloom makes you wanna curl up, sleep, cry, skip workouts, not … Continue reading

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Two Days No Red Wine!!!

Holy feat for me. Seriously. Lately I’ve been a winosaurous rex. I justify it in my head;  my great-grandfather Nuno lived until 93 and had a glass of red wine every night with dinner, clearly its in my genes, so I should too. … Continue reading

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