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Member Spotlight: Kellie B

Hey Guys! We have a special Member’s Spotlight today from our Veteran Kellie B! And this one goes out to our Mumma’s! Listening to us kid-less Coaches squawk about how you need to find time to squeeze in a marathon and bake 3 weeks of egg … Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Kathy

Today’s Member Spotlight is in honor of Kathy. She has made such an impressive transformation in the year and 1/2  she has been with us. When Kathy started, she was ready for change. She dove into the workouts day in … Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Vicki

Today’s Member Spotlight is our recent Best Before and Present Picture Winner Vicki! She is a 3 year KFIT Veteran with a pretty awesome story. What we love about Vicki is that she doesn’t let her age or medical  status keep her … Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Debbie

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! Since it is our Birthday month, we wanted to honor the most important part of KFIT,  and that is our members! Today’s Member Spotlight is from Debbie Driscoll.  Deb just had her KFIT one year anniversary! She is … Continue reading

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