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Em’s Easy Protein Bars

I finally made my own protein bars! Why I did I wait so long?? Oh because I am obsessed with PB minis by Perfect Food conveniently sold at KFIT… But it’s National Nutrition Month so instead of just buying them, … Continue reading

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Fudge and Avocado

Who hates Vday? Mostly single women…..right? I’m actually not a big Vday celebrator.  I like to think MG and I celebrate our love on a daily basis. Awwwww. Stop it. It’s true. We’ll be having a nice dinner at home while … Continue reading

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Pad Thai Healthified

OK so I have a fantastic recipe for you. I am a huge fan of Pad Thai. Like huge. Its typically a cheat or a hangover meal for me as its loaded with carbs and fat and sugar. I got … Continue reading

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Stretching, Mobility and Yoga Rant

One of my New Year rezzies is to incorporate more mobility training into my life.  We tend to neglect this area in training and the thing is, it’s as equally important as all the rest. Stretching may not get you skinny but its … Continue reading

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Fancy Pants Chicken

Chicken is kind of the go-to meal when people think of a diet. Plain grilled chicken and steamed veggies all day every day. BOO. That’s incredibly boring. Chicken is a great dish and it is super easy to mix it … Continue reading

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The Fat Break Down

Today we are going to chat about the fear of fat intake. Presently on the challenge you are encouraged to consume “healthy” fats. Most of you know what those are this point. But if you are still confused, read this. … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need Cake

OK, maybe not cake…but DEFINITELY brownies! More on that in a minute. The schedule has been crazy lately. It’s a lot of work trying to be an amazing instructor for you people! Good thing I like (most) of you. So I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Working Through The Kinks

OK ladies AND gentlemen! I anticipate the next few days will be spent working through the kinks of the challenge. It will take you sometime to adjust to this new way of eating. You will learn what is OK and … Continue reading

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Wrapping up 2012

How was  everyone’s Holiday?? Mine was fantastic!! I indulged in a great deal of food and drink and had lots of laughs with my A.mazing family. I love Christmas and I love my family. I really try to cherish these … Continue reading

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Fighting Winter Plague’s

I had a fateful moment when checking out of Target the other day. Someone had left behind the movie Elf on the checkout belt. It was surely a Christmas miracle. So I popped that bad boy right in my pile … Continue reading

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