Run with a view

Running is fun right!? That might be a stretch but running does make me feel good when I incorporate it into my regular KFIT schedule.  I don’t necessarily go for long distance, I find adding running in any increment helps my overall performance in the gym. If you’re someone who never runs or you’re struggling with WO’s that have lots of running I definitely recommend working on some sprints or some intervals if you can carve out some time.  I personally think it really helps!   Start off slow and every time you go out for a run try and add just a tiny bit more time.  Eventually you will be running 400’s no problem:)

We are so lucky to live around so many beautiful places to hit the pavement! Some of my favorites are close to home and so pretty! Webb Park is a short ish run but stunning views all around, easy parking and definitely a places I feel safe going alone.  I also love Great Esker which is actually right behind my house, great place to walk your dog with a friend. It is just on the other side of Bare Cove, another great place to run with your pup or go for a walk.  Worlds End is so so pretty and just a town away in Hingham. You could legit run for hours there. One of the best things about living in Weymouth is just being surrounded by water everywhere!  Running doesn’t have to be so painful and boring, put on some good tunes and maybe drive to one of these spots and see for yourself if you haven’t already been!  Where are your favorite places to go for a run?  #happyhiking




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Basic (But not Bland) Salad

Hello all!  I want to share my easy go to salad with you, it’s nothing fancy shcmancy but it is damn good and does not require 7,000 ingredients.

I, like a lot of you I assume, make things for dinner that can double as lunches throughout the week. I meal prep but I always keep it simple.   So I start by making a big salad with just the basics, cucs, tomatoes, green/red pepps, celery, shredded carrot and lettuce.  Nothing is better than opening the fridge and having a salad already prepped that’s good for a few lunches. Next,  I bake up some chicken tenders doused in Mexican seasoning.  I am weird about chicken, but I’m ok with the tenders as leftovers when they’re cut up cold.  I can not reheat chicken, YUCK!   Throw a little guacamole together, top with some feta and you have yourself a delish Mexican salad!   This is an easy cleaned up substitute  if it’s taco night with the family and you want to but don’t want to have 9 tacos to the face.  You can have your Mexican salad and feel good about your decision:)  I can’t forget my favorite dressing that I saw on one of Coach Kel’s posts,  the Bolthouse Farms Brand.  It’s made from yogurt and low in calories. I love the Cilantro Avocado and love love the Honey Mustard. Give it a try!!  I know I didn’t reinvent the wheel with this basic salad, but it never disappoints. Enjoy! -coach EM

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Kate’s Marathon Recap

Hello hello! Since all of you wonderful, generous, kind, fantastic, supportive ladies helped contribute to my sister, Kate’s marathon efforts I feel it is necessary to give you all a recap.  SHE FINISHED!!   She not only finished, she made it in 4:09 minutes and she looked pretty damn good when we saw her at mile 24-25 ish.   It was pretty freaking awesome and definitely a very proud moment for my family.   The marathon signified so much more than just the great accomplishment of running for 4 plus hours, it was a way for Kate to have the ability and chance to do something to give back. We can never  fully express the amount of gratitude for BCH and all that they do for families near and far.   ELla’s donor and donor family was on my mind all day and I can guarantee it was a driving force of motivation for Kate as she pounded out 26.2 miles especially as we are coming up on Ella’s one year with her new heart!💜 Let’s just say there was a lot of tears that day!




Kate ran with the Miles for Miracles team for Boston Children’s Hospital and they collectively raised over 1.8 million dollars!! Omg!!  So thank you all once again for your support during Heart Month and your generous donations to make Kate’s first marathon a very successful one.   If anyone is interested in running a marathon in the future, my sister would for sure share her training regimen and tips.  She had lots of great help making it all possible.  Special shout out to our KFITTER, Chelsie who also ran for her fifth year and at incredible speed!  Congrats to all the runners!!





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6 Recipes for a Healthier Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo doesn’t exactly have a healthy reputation, especially when a lot of Mexican cuisine is typically heavy, greasy, and, not surprisingly, high-calorie… cheese, tortilla chips, margaritas, more cheese… you know what we’re talking about. BUT there are lots of healthy versions of your favorite Mexican dishes– many of which use wholesome and nutritious ingredients– so you can still enjoy the holiday without going overboard and wrecking your healthy diet. Here are 6 favorites for you to try! Happy Cinco de Mayo, KFitters!

Easy Crockpot Chicken and Black Bean Taco Salads – A long-time favorite, taco salads don’t get easier than this! And they’re made with nutritious and relatively low-calorie ingredients, which means you can enjoy them guilt-free. The leftovers also made tasty quesadillas!

Healthy Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos – Healthier nachos? Sign us up! These ones are made with a homemade cheese and sweet potatoes, so you’ll get some nutrients in your diet too!

Quinoa Enchilada Casserole – A lightened-up, healthy enchilada bake made with quinoa, black beans and cheesy goodness. And the leftovers taste even better! You might never want to eat regular enchiladas again!

Edamame Guacamole – This recipe takes your tradition guacamole to a whole new level with protein-packed edamame. You’ve gotta try this recipe!

Vegetable and Goat Cheese Quesadilla – Usually, quesadillas are filled with tons and tons of cheese, but this one is lightened up with plenty of veggies and lower calorie goat cheese.

The Best Skinny Margarita Recipes –  Obviously, no Cinco de Mayo is complete without some margaritas. Here are a bunch that cut calories and still taste delicious!

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2016 Crossfit Open Recap

The 2016 Crossfit Open is in the books for the KFIT family. What an amazing, mentally and physically grueling, emotional, and supportive experience it was! So many tears. So many donuts. So many awesome accomplishments. We could not be more proud of every single member that competed this year and we hope to see even more in the coming years!

For those of you that don’t already know, every Thursday the CF Open workout would be announced and each person had to complete the workout by Sunday. At KFIT, we competed on Friday night or Sunday morning for five weeks straight. The reality is that these are just workouts and we were just competing for “fun”. The workouts are comprised of moves we’ve done countless times before in regular workouts. The difference is they’re programmed in a way that pushes you to your mental and sometimes physical limits and there are set standards for each and every move.

Week 1 – Here we go!

Oh man, week 1 of the CF Open was filled with nerves and emotional highs and lows. Thursday night rolls around and we learn that we’re doing a MARATHON for the first workout. 20 minutes straight of weighted walking lunges, over-the-bar facing burpees, and jumping pull-ups. It was tough… like really tough. Knee to ground every lunge, both feet come off the ground at the same time for the burpees, chin over the bar for the pull-ups, for 20 MINUTES! Being that this was the first workout of the open and the first open workout for the majority of the ladies that competed, there were a lot of nerves surrounding this first workout. In the end, people that didn’t think they could get their knee to the ground every lunge did it rep after rep; people that didn’t think they could possibly jump over the bar with both feet at the same time surprised themselves time and again. It was a great kick start to the next five weeks.


Week 2 – We’re going heavy!

This week was really great for so many people! The workout included squat cleans… heavy squat cleans. While this is a move that we’re familiar with at KFIT, a lot of us had not attempted to go as heavy as this workout required prior to this workout. It was awesome to see so many people push their limits and crush heavier squat cleans than they’ve ever done before.

Week 3- Halfway there!

We now have a couple weeks under our belts, but lets be honest, the nerves don’t really fade. This week required us to do snatches and jumping chest to bars. We had to do jumping pull-ups in week 1; well, jumping chest to bar is like this move on steroids. It was really incredibly challenging for the whole group. In some ways, it was frustrating for those who could not get their chests to the bar, but others had already seen some improvement since the first week. Girls that couldn’t get their chins over the bar in week 1 were able to do it during this workout. Progress is the name of the game.



Week 4- So. Much. Rowing.

As we approached the second to last workout in the open, we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That was until we had to power through 55 deadlifts, 55 wall balls, 55 CALORIES row, and 55 push-ups. Holy moly… have you every rowed for 5 minutes straight? It is just as tough as it sounds! This was one of those workouts that challenged each person mentally. I can tell you with certainty that if it wasn’t the deadlifts, the wall balls pushed you past your limits. And if it wasn’t the wall balls, the row made you want to quit. It was a workout that we were happy to finish!


Week 5- WE MADE IT!

The final week was the BEST week. I mean, it was the worst and the best! It was the worst because there were SO. MANY. THRUSTERS and BURPEES. Ughhh… it was brutal. But it was the BEST because every single person pushed themselves during this workout. And pretty much the entire gym was brought to tears watching Vicki AND Jill finish this workout! The energy during this last workout was infectious and we all rallied around each other to give each other that final push we needed to put 2016 behind us.


We honestly cannot fully capture the experience in a blog post, but we can say that we are so incredibly proud of every person that decided to sign up this year. The majority of you didn’t even know what you were getting yourselves into. At the end of the five weeks, we all realized that while there may be areas we could improve upon (always), we are WAY stronger than we give ourselves credit for, physically and mentally.

With ALL your hard work and effort, it was really impossible to pick a top performer for the Open. All of your performances amazed us for so many different reasons. We saw Jill  power through week 5, refusing to give up on herself.  We watched Vicki accomplish so many firsts. We saw Kelley C come out of nowhere with her strength game! Coco, Sarah and Kathleen took fit pregnancy to a whole new level. Coach Em swept the board with consistency being the only one to place in the top 5 every week. Our strong girls Lisa, Julie and Kell B crushed those heavy cleans in week 2.  Overall, everyone had weeks they surprised themselves. Everyone gave it 100%. Everyone finished stronger than when they started.

The absolute best part of the five weeks was the comradery within the gym. We supported each other when we needed it the most and it really brought everyone closer together. We would love, Love, LOVE to see this energy carry over into the gym. Whether you’re the first or last to finish a workout, the support of others always helps to give us that extra push. We challenge each KFitter to rally around each other during those tough workouts, especially if you see someone struggling with those final reps. Give them a hi-five, finish those last couple reps with them, let them know that they’re doing awesome! You’ll appreciate it when you’re on the receiving end of that support!


Until 2017, Dave Castro…


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Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Mousse

Hey friends! As most of you know, March is National Nutrition month, but did you know it is also National Peanut month??  We thought an especially delicious way to celebrate is with a healthy and easy-to-make dessert. This Peanut Butter Cup Mousse is unlike your usual store-bought variety because you know exactly what ingredients go into it. It combines creamy peanut butter with avocado, banana, cocoa powder, and honey for a rich, thick, and incredibly decadent treat that is loaded with healthy fats and nutrients. Enjoy!



  • 1 heaping tbsp smooth peanut butter
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 2-3 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp mini chocolate chips (optional)



The great thing about this recipe is just how easy it is to make! Just combine the above ingredients (minus the chocolate chips) in a food processor or blender until smooth. Stir in chocolate chips by hand (if you’re using them). Chill mousse in the refrigerator for 45 minutes or serve immediately!


Recipe makes 2 servings

If you’re looking for more healthy peanut butter recipes, be sure to check out this post for some of our favorites!

~The KFIT Team

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Em’s Easy Protein Bars

I finally made my own protein bars! Why I did I wait so long?? Oh because I am obsessed with PB minis by Perfect Food conveniently sold at KFIT… But it’s National Nutrition Month so instead of just buying them,  I created my own with some inspo from Pinterest. These recipes are super easy and they have minimal ingredients. I felt like I was making desserts!

Coconut Vanilla Squares

1 cup of Unsweetened shredded Coconut
3 scoops of Vanilla Protein powder of your choice (2 if your scoop is big)
1/4 cup of coconut oil (micro until it liquefies)
2 Tablespoons of Honey
Small amount of raw pecans! (Optional)
1/4 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, adding the Almond Milk last. Line a shallow baking pan with parchment paper, then Pour mixture in and spread evenly with your hands. Lastly, pop in the freezer or fridge to set up. Cut and portion! These came out so goooooooood!


These are my favorite!



Peanut Butter & Chocolate

1/2 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
3/4 cup of Peanut Butter
3 tablespoons of Honey

Put above ingredients in a large bowl and put in the micro for 15 seconds, stir, then micro for another 15 seconds. Add remaining ingredients.

I cup of Old Fashioned Oats
2 scoops of chocolate Protein Powder of your choice.

Mix everything together and repeat the same process with the parchment paper in the baking pan. In the freezer to set, then cut and portion.  I am looking forward to having these this week on my way to the gym or after my workout. Yum!  image

Both bars came out really good!  I will cut them up into small portions as needed and store them in the fridge. The Coconut Vanilla Squares don’t take as long to set up as the PB & Chocolates.  I left the PB & Chocolates in the freezer overnight and they were perfect.  I am pumped to see how easy this was. I think it’s safe to say I will be making some sort of protein snack every week!

What are some of your favorite protein snack recipes? 

Happy #NationalNutritionMonth

~The KFIT Team

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What to Expect (at KFIT) When You’re Expecting

If you look around KFIT, you’ll see all sorts of pregnant women working out and sweating along side of you. What was once seen as something to avoid during pregnancy, staying active is now much more commonplace and embraced since it makes for a healthy mom and baby!

Since we have so many preggos among us, we thought it might be helpful to talk about what to expect during your pregnancy while exercising at KFIT. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to chat with one of your coaches. They’re there to help and want you to have a healthy and fit pregnancy!


What to expect at KFIT when you’re expecting:

Sucking wind: You’re breathing for two now! You have more blood in your body that needs to be oxygenated, so you might find yourself huffing and puffing during exercises that wouldn’t normally feel so exhausting. It’s okay. It gets better… sort of. You’ll get used to having a lesser cardio capacity and you’ll naturally slow down as your belly begins to grow. It’s a good thing Kerrie programs plenty of rest intervals because those will become your new best friend. Speaking of rest…

More rest breaks: It’s totally okay to stop mid-workout (or even during the warm-up) to rest. Your body (and baby) is telling you something if it feels especially exhausted, so don’t hesitate to take a break if you need it. Once you feel okay, start up once again. It’s all part of listening to your body.

Listening to your body: It’s totally okay to do many of the same exercises you did before you were pregnant, but be sure to listen to your body. If something feels weird, stop. This is especially important with regard to your ligaments (in your knees, hips, etc.) since they become looser and looser as your pregnancy progresses. Let your coach know if something feels uncomfortable and she will give you a modification. There’s a modification for just about every exercise we do at KFIT, so don’t worry about needing a different option, which brings us to…

Modifications: As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll likely need a number of modifications to safely complete the workouts. Some favorites: Knees raises instead of sit-ups, step-ups instead of box jumps, squat thrusts or wall push-ups instead of Burpees… the list goes on and on and you’ll get quite familiar with a lot of these exercises during your pregnancy.

Maintaining: Sure, you want to stay active during your pregnancy, but there’s no need to go balls to the wall in a workout. You’re not trying to make gains right now, but, instead, your goal is to maintain your fitness. And, ultimately, when you birth your little bambino, you won’t be starting from square one.

Lots of Kegals: Kidding. Sort of. But, seriously, if you want to survive double-unders post-pregnancy without peeing your pants, start your Kegals NOW.

~The KFIT Team


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What’s in My Gym Bag

Hello my favorite ladies! Today we are going to take a tour through my gym bag.  With so many new member and girls getting stronger by the day, I thought you all could benefit from a breakdown of what gear is essential for training at KFIT. Here’s a glance at what keeps me looking good and feeling good in the gym!


1. KFIT Junk Headband- I always keep a headband packed in my gym bag. We are partial to Junk bands over here at KFIT and believe me I have tried many brands! Junk Headbands stay put during workouts and come in super fun patterns. Total bonus. Because looking good is just as important as anything else.

2. Fresh Firm Kicks- Different shoes are built for different types of exercises. Most commonly people arrive with some type of running sneaker. These sneakers were built for just that, running. They have a cushion sole to help decrease impact at contact and promotes a forward propelling motion.  The soft cushion is not very stable, it decreases our contact with the ground affecting our balance and ability to generate force through our feet in our lifts. Think kettlebell swings, wall balls even box jumps, we need that ground force to transfer to our hips in so many moves we do. We want a shoe that has a minimal sole and is relatively firm.  Of course we still run at KFIT. So the best bet is to get yourself a cross trainer, effective for squatting and for those days we are hitting 400 meter sprint.

Here’s a few of my top picks!

Nike Free Cross Compete– OK all around kicks at a reasonable price.  Nike has several minimalist cross trainers (Frees and Furys etc) that would be an acceptable all around KFIT shoe.

Nike Metcons– Best all around kicks and great for those with wide feet. Pricey but worth it.

Reebok Nano 2.0  or 5.o – Still my favorite of all the Nano’s! Firm and great for lifting.  Unfortunately the 2.0’s are not so great for those sprints!

3. Workout Log- I always have my workout log handy!  Tracking your scores from workouts and strength sessions is super important. You may think you will remember but let’s be real you can’t even get through a workout without a white board. Log it! It’s so cool to see those PR’s over the years and also get to see where your weaknesses may be so you can work on those too!

4&6. Weight Belt,Wrist Wraps and Knee Sleeves-   You may think these items are for the heavy hitters. But let me ask you, ever had wrist discomfort when lifting?? Bracing  is going to help you. Coming from a Sports Rehab background, I initially had mixed feelings about bracing all together. Is it helpful or is it a bandaid? I think it ultimately comes down to your training. Are we providing you with accessory work and methods to strengthen imbalances and improve your mobility? The answer is yes.  The addition of bracing will provide you with some added support. And why wouldn’t we want that? Weight Belts are going to improve stability and support the spine by increasing intra-abdominal pressure. Many think the belt is just bracing the spine but it is actually this pressure that helps to reduce stress on the spine and discs.  Wrist wraps help to keep wrist aligned properly, helping the muscles contract better as well as decrease compression on the joints and tendons. Knee sleeves are going to provide a little compression,  increasing blood flow to the area as well as keep the patella (knee cap) stable. They also act to protect the knee from future injury or risk of damage. For me, these were a staple when I first started lifting. I had wrist discomfort like most with barbell moves and my bum knees hurt with squats. These items added the support that I needed, and over time my mobility improved and my muscles grew stronger.  Now I am rarely  grabbing for my wrist wraps and have zero knee pain when squatting some (serious) weight.  Here’s a few options you can pick right up from amazon!

Wrist Wraps

Weight Belt

Knee Sleeves

5. Lifters- So what’s with the 2 pairs of kicks, right? These fancy shoes are specifically for weightlifting. Squats, cleans, jerks to name a few.  Lifters won’t make you awesome at lifting. But, like running shoes to concrete, they have a few nifty designs to make your lifting experience better.  First,  they are designed with a raised heel. The benefit of this is to allow increased motion in the ankle. This increased motion allows you to squat deeper, helping you maintain a more upright position with your squat. There is a lot that can limit one’s ability to squat deep, and tight ankles is a limiting factor that affects most. So this can be a game changer for a lot of folks.  Being in a more upright position also enhances the contraction of the correct muscles.  Second, our lifting shoes are even more stable than the shoes suggested above. This is super important to help drive equal force through the feet with our lifts. Like our wrist wraps, and belts, these shoes are not a cure-all to an ugly lift. It’s essential to continue to drill technique and work mobility regularly.

7. Protein, Ear Buds and Tape-Some random items: Keeping an emergency pack of protein or a protein bar helps me from getting hangry. Ear buds so I can hit the pavement with tunes at any time. And tape. I don’t really use tape much, but this is a good purchase to make some homemade grips to wear for pull ups or to wrap the fingers with snacthes to avoid scraping from the bar.

8. Lifting Straps-These are a great purchase for our more advanced girls. When working technique drills for certain lifts, these will help to keep your grip form getting fatigued and allow you to focus more on the pull of the lift. Not a huge necessity but certainly can come in handy with snatch and clean work (think April Specialty Class).

8. Extra Gear- Just in case!

10. Speed Rope-If you want to learn double unders, purchase your own speed rope already! We can help you customize your cut, as an appropriate fit is essential. Plus, you’ll get used to the feel of your own rope and also have the opportunity to break it out at anytime to practice! If you are just learning,  start with an inexpensive slower version and once you get them down, move up to a speedy one!


Of course there is lots of other things you may want to stuff in your gym bag. These are just my essentials! If you are training 3-5 days a week, I strongly recommend you invest in some of these items.

Safe Lifting!

XO Coach Kerrie

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Member Spotlight: Karina

Hi ladies and happy Monday! Today we have a pretty amazing story for you all.  A story from a person who means the world to us.  A story that could possibly change your life. If you have been KFitting for some time, chances are you probably know Karina. She has been with us since our studio days and she was actually one of our very first transformation stories! Karina dropped almost 100lbs the first year she joined KFIT! Today she shares with us the challenges she faced when life took a different turn.   Personally, her story is a tough one to hear. To know any one of our clients are fighting an internal struggle alone, the way she was, is truly heartbreaking. We can only be thankful that she reached out, asked for help and chose to fight.  Grab a box of tissues because this one is going to hit home!

Karina’s StoryPhotoGrid_1452472663765

To tell my journey up to today, I have to fill some folks in on where I started.

Back in February 2011, a best friend was trying to get healthy and asked me to start KFIT with her. I thought I was going to Zumba….. WOW!! The first night of KFIT was a serious wake up call. I was scared of the little blond and her whistle. I used to “hide” in the closet when I was supposed to be doing pull ups. (Literally, I would stand there praying Kerrie didn’t come over and see me NOT in the pull up band!!!!)

For some reason, during all my flaws, I never felt people “watching me” or “judging me” which is how I felt at regular gyms. Sugar free was a fabulous change to my system because sweets are my weakness. I would tell myself “You will have chocolate someday, just not today.”

Within my first year of KFIT, I lost 86 lbs. I started running 5k’s, laughing A LOT more and working out 3/4 days a week @ KFIT.  This new family I found was life changing. The coaches, the community of ladies of KFIT they all inspired me to WANT to be healthy.  Everyone was so  motivating, encouraging, strong, determined, and so much more.

Fast forward a bit. I was in love and pregnant. Womp, womp. This wasn’t “planned” and was a wittle bitty wrench in my fitness journey. I was happy to be pregnant but my body had just been through a year and half of changes getting smaller and now all I could forsee was gaining it all back. I tried my hardest to stay fit while pregnant. I worked out until I was 7 months along, much to my families protests. The coaches were all amazing during my pregnancy; they made sure I went lighter or modified when I should. Towards the end I was tired, so tired. My body was fighting me and I felt like a bloated cow. I was upset that I was gaining weight and not enjoying all the body changes I was experiencing. But, most of all I was tired. I stopped at 7 months and told myself I would rest up and come back fiercer than ever. I had the knowledge to keep my weight at bay, so what’s the worst that could happen?!?!

In May 2014, I had a c-section delivery. My KFIT ninja was here!!! My total weight gained by the end of pregnancy was 57lbs. The first time I weighed in post-delivery, I was already down 30 lbs! YES! Best diet ever, only 27 more lbs to go and I would be at my pre- baby weight.





















I got into a mommy routine the best I could and enjoyed my time at home. Lingering in the back of my mind was the black cloud of having to go back to work. How was I going to leave this beautiful cherub who instantly changed my world? I was so in LOVE. How could I justify leaving her for a work day, and then longer to go to the gym? I couldn’t. How could I spend my time meal prepping when I already lost so much time with her while working? I was only getting 4 and 5 hour stretches of sleep. She was a good sleeper but it was still a change in what I was used to. My mommy duties were tripled on the weekends when her twin sisters come for the weekends. I love them as my own, but I never got a break. I was trying to get a routine down that I could keep up with and not feel like I was drowning.

I started back to KFIT the DAY I was authorized by my doctor. Being back at the gym I felt like ME as I walked back into the gym. However, that first workout proved I was NOT the same ME. My body wasn’t working the way it used to. In my mind, since the baby was gone from my belly, I imagined running the same, lifting the same and working out the same as before. AH NO! I couldn’t grasp what was “wrong” with me that I wasn’t the same. I felt like it was a shot against me that my body couldn’t do it. I didn’t get it. WHY COULDN’T I DO IT?? I felt awkward, embarrassed, slower than slow, weak, and nothing of which made me proud to be a Kfitter.

My life was changing and I was losing pieces of KFIT and pieces of my healthy self. The next 6 or 8 months, I had personal struggles taking me further away from my healthy track. I still went to the gym, but there was a bunch of new faces I didn’t know, there was a super strong circle in the corner and there were moves I had never heard of before. It felt like I didn’t belong anymore. What’s worse, in my mind I compared myself to every other person working out. Rather than doing my best and training to get back to where I was pre pregnancy, I slowly moved away from the KFIT circle. I didn’t cook anymore, I never prepped, I did my best to eat clean, but at the end of the day I never thought of myself, only my perfect baby girl. She lite up my world and she didn’t care if I couldn’t fit in my jeans? Who cared if I was living in yoga pants a year and a half post baby?? The worst part of this cycle was the mental unhealthy toll it took on me. I didn’t even want most of the crap I ate but sometimes it was just a craving I needed to satisfy. I was mentally beating myself up. That made me eat more. This made me feel more ashamed. How could I go to KFIT where everyone knows that “I know better.” I was embarrassed, weak, and tired. So, tired all the time.

Somehow, I was only getting to class to workout maybe once a week every other week. That wasn’t enough but I had every excuse. I had an awful day at work, I was tired, I was cranky, I was missing family time, I had twins with me, I had a newborn, my clothes are too tight, I’m the slowest one there, I’m the weakest one there, I was MAKING EXCUSES. Now, I see these are the BEST days to get to KFIT!

During the summer of 2015, I was in a class that I almost walked out of. I was like “I’m done. I’m not finishing.” I actually put my weights back but was too embarrassed to walk across the gym and out the door. I felt like such a disappointment to myself (and to my coach.) I chalked it up to heat exhaustion.

Trying to move on, I went to another class. I remember clearly the workout was burpees and kettle bell swings. KETTLE BELL SWINGS!! A basic move and one of my favorites, I was using a 20lb weight and I couldn’t lift the kettlebell above my head without feeling like I was going to pass out. (All I could think was “You were using 25lb pre baby. What is wrong with you?!”)

A lot was wrong- I was not eating healthy, wasn’t staying hydrated and my head wasn’t in the game. WHY would I think this would work? Why was I there? What was I doing wasting KFIT’s time and my time?? A light went off and I thought “I’m done. I’m never coming back to KFIT after tonight.” On the way home I cried in my car and was mentally saying goodbye to my coaches and the fabulous ladies I met over the years. GOODBYE.

I got home and sat to play with my daughter. I was looking at her sweet smile and she looked at me like I had all the answers. I had NO ANSWERS at this point besides knowing I needed help. That night, I sent an email that changed my life. My subject was “I choose to fight.” I asked for help and explained I was at a cross roads. I was ready to walk away but I had to FIGHT for my daughter. I knew leaving KFIT would be the worst decision I could make because it was the ONLY healthy thing in my life. It wasn’t about getting “skinny” for me; it was about getting “healthy” and showing my daughter healthy habits.

In August 2015, after my email to Kerrie, I had 54lbs to lose to get back to my pre baby weight. GULP. I’m the queen of talking to myself and I said “Karina, you are doing this 110% for a month. Do what Kerrie tells you and don’t stray. At the end of the month, if you want to quit, you will know you gave it your all. It’s just a month. You will have sweets again in your life but not in this month.”

Kerrie did a lot for me that I can never repay her for. She listened, she guided me, she squeezed me into her personal time. She never made me feel like an idiot, she never judged me, she never told me it was my fault. She only told me what needed to be done to fix the damage. Personal training and personal meal plans it was! She made the food prep simple because she knows how busy I am. (It was 10000% my fault because I made the unhealthy choices I made. I can’t blame it on having a baby because I gained most of my weight post baby.)

After the first month, I was feeling A-M-A-Zzzzzzing. I totally thought I had dropped 10lbs and when I jumped on the scale, I was only down 4 ounces! BUT, my body was already changing and my clothes were looser. I was eating healthy meals rather than snacking 24/7 and I was more energized.  I had a new revamped, positive outlook on my future. I made other changes in my life that made sense for me and my daughter. I had to re-focus some priorities and even though I didn’t know how everything would work itself out, I took the leap! I had to start putting myself first in some situations because in the last 3 years I had lost myself.

Instead of having a mindset of healthy meaning time spent away from my daughter, I started mingling her into my fitness routine. I would take her walking in the stroller, that led to jogging with the stroller. Then, if I was doing a home workout on the floor, I scooped her up and did weighted sit-ups! I started leaving her in the highchair an additional 5 /10 minutes so I could do food prep. Sometimes she helps me with the food prep! I’m lucky because I have fed her organic/ sugar free since birth so she eats everything I eat! … Yes, I am THAT mom. 12295407_10205326332307187_5474807842896639898_n



















Have I had sweets since August? Yes

Is the struggle hard sometimes to “just say no?” Yes

Have I had bad workouts? Yes

When I sit at night to watch TV do I sometimes want ice cream? Yes

Am I human? Yes

Is it expensive? Yes; I remind myself that I have spent YEARS spending money on my unhealthy habits. It’s time to spend my money on being healthy.

Is it worth it? YES, YES, YES. I am down 36 lbs since August, I ran a 36min 5k without stopping, I’m using a 30lb kettle bell, 20 lb weights during workouts, big girl barbells and I FEEL FANTASTIC. I don’t want my daughter to wish she was “skinny.” I want her to wish she was strong, to be determined, to feel worthy, and above all LOVED no matter what.

There is no looking back for this Mama!! I am excited to see what’s next in (my) journey and I’m soooo super thankful that little blonde with a whistle is as awesome as she is!!!! The way I see it, Kerrie saved my life 2 times now. She was someone believing in ME when I didn’t believe in MYSELF. There is no way I can pay that back other than doing what works!! That is KFIT.

If there is ANYONE out there that feels too fat, or too slow, or too banged up, or too tired, or too unmotivated, I am here. I can listen with no judgement. I will walk with you or wog or whatever you need; just ask for help and decide you want to FIGHT for it. XO

Karina we can’t thank you enough for sharing this personal and emotional story with us. You are everyone’s cheerleader, motivator and posses all the qualities of a true fighter and a great friend. You are one of a kind and an inspiration to so many ladies! Keep the fight going. 


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