Basic (But not Bland) Salad

Hello all!  I want to share my easy go to salad with you, it’s nothing fancy shcmancy but it is damn good and does not require 7,000 ingredients.

I, like a lot of you I assume, make things for dinner that can double as lunches throughout the week. I meal prep but I always keep it simple.   So I start by making a big salad with just the basics, cucs, tomatoes, green/red pepps, celery, shredded carrot and lettuce.  Nothing is better than opening the fridge and having a salad already prepped that’s good for a few lunches. Next,  I bake up some chicken tenders doused in Mexican seasoning.  I am weird about chicken, but I’m ok with the tenders as leftovers when they’re cut up cold.  I can not reheat chicken, YUCK!   Throw a little guacamole together, top with some feta and you have yourself a delish Mexican salad!   This is an easy cleaned up substitute  if it’s taco night with the family and you want to but don’t want to have 9 tacos to the face.  You can have your Mexican salad and feel good about your decision:)  I can’t forget my favorite dressing that I saw on one of Coach Kel’s posts,  the Bolthouse Farms Brand.  It’s made from yogurt and low in calories. I love the Cilantro Avocado and love love the Honey Mustard. Give it a try!!  I know I didn’t reinvent the wheel with this basic salad, but it never disappoints. Enjoy! -coach EM

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