Here’s to a Successful 2016

It’s a new Year, time put away the decorations, take down the lights and get rid of the piles of crap that have been there since Thanksgiving .  Ahhh it’s refreshing! A new year brings new goals, new resolutions, new expectations. It’s a chance for a clean slate, to forget about the past and move forward to a better you. Whether you’re declaring 6 pack abs, saving 10,000 dollars, cleaning out the garage, or reading a book, we as a society just love to make goals for the New Year.









Sometimes (a lot of the times) this is the way we think for the first couple months. Hey, high expectations are great! But too often these big dreams fall flat and it’s back to our old habits.  Fact: Habits are hard to break! We have routines, schedules, we’re set in our ways and most often, we lack a plan. Breaking a bad habit requires determination, accountability, consistency and a willingness to change.










This is why I am proposing… drum roll…. set some small goals! Genius.

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Goals

OK, its not rocket science, we are simply all capable of achieving small goals! We witness it on a daily basis at KFIT. The PR’s are amazing, but let’s not underestimate making it to class on a consistent schedule! And that’s a perfect example of a small goal. Take a look at the week ahead and tell yourself, “This week I am going to go to KFIT 4 times.”  The week ends, you followed through and your goal is achieved. Happy dance. On to the next week! The little achievements come faster and more often, helping to keep us a bit more motivated.  Hey, maybe even encourage greater commitment to your health.  In the long run, the chances of these sticking are far greater and really lead to big changes down the road.

Get Your Doodle Pad

To be successful,  set aside some time to write these down. It’s all good you proclaimed to your FB feed and your pack of besties your goals for the year. But truth be told, nobody gives a shit. When its March and you’re marathoning M&Ms and Life Time, Jen from the 7th grade isn’t going to be knocking at your door.  Write them down in your fancy phone or go old school and grab a planner or a journal. Then spend time following up! We (myself included) spend way to much time on our gizmos. Take ten minutes out of your Facebooking to put your weekly/daily priorities in check.  Bottom line though, YOU are accountable for YOU! Keep at it and  I 100% guarantee you will feel better about yourself each and every week week. And if for some chance you don’t get it done, then it’s on to the next week, and you didn’t just blow it for 2016.  Your small goals will add up, helping to make for a better you, throughout the year.

Here is a list of small goals, take it or leave it, it might just get you thinking. These can be daily or weekly or monthly. Pick a few that are really important to you and start there.

KFIT (     ) times per week
Drinking half your weight oz of water /day
No FB, IG from 7-10 at night
30 minutes of reading at night
Visiting an elderly relative or friend
10 military push-ups a day
No alcohol for a week
Food prep every Sunday of the month
Cut sugar for a day/week
Create a daily/weekly budget
Start making coffee at home
Plank during commercials
Get to an AM class
Take walks on lunch breaks

…. You get the idea! Give it a shot and let’s work to kick 2016 off right and keep it right! 😊



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